Our delicate coastal ecosystem is a web of dependency. The health of our seas depends upon the care taken in farming our vines. Much of our food comes from the sea and estruaries, coastal farmland and open range in the hills. The vibrance of our local economy depends upon healthy seashores and the protection of beautiful agricultural vistas. At Fossil Point, we are actively involved in making our community a safe, diverse and desirable place for ourselves and our workers to raise their families. 

Sustainable agriculture is an act of trust in this web. All of our Estate vineyards, as well as the farmers from whom we purchase fruit are engaged in sustainable winegrowing practices. The majority are certified under the Sustainability in Practice (SIP) program, which was developed right here on the Central Coast. With careful metrics and annual audits, SIP provides a set of standards to promote the long-term health of our vineyards, environment, people, and businesses.

You can read more about SIP at their website.