Winemaking at Fossil Point is hands-on, small scale and attentive to the individual needs of each lot of grapes. Traditional technique informs our approach to coaxing the best from each vineyard site. Overnight harvesting delivers fruit to the winery at first light, while it is still cold and intact. We conduct a quick, gentle pressing and overnight settling of our white wines before fermentation in stainless steel and neutral French oak barrels. Red wines are destemmed with care to keep most berries intact, and fermented in small lots with hand punchdowns or gentle pumpovers to develop stable color and tannin in the wines. Native yeast are a large part of our winemaking philosophy, allowing a moderate pace of fermentation and complex aromatic development. At every turn we stay true to the task of showing our fruit sources clearly, never covering them up with winemaking tricks or invasive technique.

The results of our dedication to craft are delicious, balanced wines that are an authentic expression of our coastal terroir.